Cadduct London

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CADmep+ (CADduct) is a mature 3D drafting and modelling software bolt-on for AutoCAD® that has been the chosen design package for major construction projects around the world.
Based upon the most extensive and comprehensive ‘real world’ product libraries in the industry, CADmep+ provides access to accurate, BIM-enabled OEM content from the most prominent manufacturers in the HVAC, mechanical, electrical and public health building service sectors.


Building Information Modelling, or BIM, has become a standard understanding in today’s construction industry and MAP Software has been providing BIM solutions since before the terminology was even invented!
Each individual line item in MAP’s Content Database has an extensive set of attributes already attached to them meaning that intelligent data about any design can be forwarded to anyone in the project.
Furthermore, if a client wants to know specific information about items in the whole building then CADmep+ allows users to configure their own specific attributes. The ultimate asset management tool

We operate the above service throughout London, Kent and beyond.