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Revit MEP (Building Information Modelling - BIM) is revolutionizing the construction industry. Revit MEP is helping construction industry to virtually construct the project and thus achieve high levels of efficiency and reduce costs by 5 – 15% as reported by various studies. Revit MEP (BIM) has empowered the industry to eliminate RFI and conflicts during construction, reduce wastages and clutter on site, enable accurate prefabrication and thus improve the quality of construction and deliver ahead of schedule. Revit MEP (BIM) revolution is helping to shift the focus to pre-construction planning and management.

Revit MEP (BIM) has a lot to offer in terms of advantages. The entire life-cycle of a project can be encapsulated using Revit MEP (BIM). Today success of a project is determined by the pre-construction planning and coordination. ensuring that existing critical systems remain in place and the new Revit MEP (BIM) technology starts providing benefits.