Solar PV Kent

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Solar PV Kent

On a small scale Solar PV is familiar to most people in the UK. It is used to power calculators, road signs, toys and phone chargers. It takes light from the sun and uses it to run the appliance. Solar PV panels used to generate electricity, work on the same principle but to a larger scale

Sunlight is all you need to generate electricity from the panels and it is a FREE, clean, unlimited resource.

More electricity will be generated on sunny days, however good results can still be achieved on less sunny days.

All types of Solar PV Systems are measured according to their peak power rating which is measured in kWp (kilowatt peak). This is a guide to how much power the module produces under standard test conditions: it measures the power produced under 1kW per m2 of light. The more efficient the module the smaller the array needed.

multiCAD solutions are continuously working in the solar power and photovoltaic solar installation industry serving the requirements of our global clients with our Solar Panel Layout designing & drafting solutions. We are working with some of the leading UK based solar panel installer companies both in the commercial and residential segments. Our competency in solar technologies and solar panel installation designing has enabled us in establishing a strong niche for ourselves in this interesting and important green energy domain. For the design and deployment of solar CAD panels on buildings, we use Google Earth 3D imagery and Pictometry to locate any addresses and rooftops and use AutoCAD to draw the roof plan layouts and positioning of the solar CAD panels.

Solar panels are the ideal way to generate clean and renewable electricity, to power remote appliances, or even the average home. These panels are mainly installed on rooftops, building tops or stand-alone facilities (ground mounts). The effectiveness of solar panels depends on the direction of sun exposure, which is why we emphasize on the proper positioning of the solar panels. We prepare all kinds of Solar Panel Layout drawings, right from the site plans to the mounting planes, conduit layouts, structural calculations etc...

Backed by a team of experienced industry CAD professionals and latest applications, we are able to provide efficient installation solutions to our clients. With the help of Google Earth 3D imagery and Pictometry, we locate the specified address / building rooftop where the solar CAD panel has to be installed and accordingly make layouts for proper positioning of solar CAD panels.

Our prototype layouts set a frame in the mind of the installer and give an idea for dotting the solar panel in the right direction as well as in proper dimensions. Further, the capacity and total energy output of a particular solar installation project can be easily determined by our designing layouts. We are able to perform on structural design calculations to identify the per square foot load a building can take. The designing solutions offered by us not only help in managing the installation requirement of clients, but also solves the problem of budget to a great extent. We are doing 100's of sites every month and are building on our understanding and experience. We would be happy to initiate a dialogue with anyone needing CAD drawings for this emerging industry.