Brunel Street Apartments

The complex 2.5 ha GLA owned site at Brunel Street Works, measuring 0.5 km long and only 25-70m wide, is a narrow area of ‘left over’ land between transport infrastructure. The site is bounded by the DLR and Jubilee line to the west and Silvertown Way, including part of Britain’s first flyover to the east, which has severed the site from Canning Town.

975 homes split evenly between affordable, PRS and market sale, creating variety to cater for different needs, from studios to family duplexes The proposals will re-establish Silvertown Way as an active street with a new frontage defining the western edge. The ground floor of this new frontage is activated by a wide range of mixed uses including cafes, a hotel, restaurants, a food store and employment space for the emerging creative sectors

Four distinct context-driven character areas create continued interest and variety along Silvertown Way and provide four new public spaces for residents and the local community, connected by enhanced public realm. Each of the four buildings takes inspiration from the site’s history and proximity to the Thames Iron Works & Ship Building Company, and to the construction site of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s first iron ship. Roof terraces, podium gardens and balconies provide high quality communal and private amenity space for residents.

Services: MultiCAD produced a fully coordinated MEP Revit model for installation

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Site Built and Maintained by DHTS